Simple Reasons Why Trade Shows Rock

We know what you’re thinking. Do trade shows really have that much to offer? For the summer camp industry, the answer is yes.

When many types of summer camp industry professionals unite under one roof with a common goal—a community shines, and it grows bigger and brighter with every summer camp trade show.

Here’s what you could be missing

Networking Convenience

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The Best Tech For Summer Camp Management Software

Technology at a summer camp can often have negative connotations. Phones, computers, and other gadgets can be viewed as taboo in summer camps because of being labeled as a distraction from enjoying camp activities. Whatever your view on the relationship between tech and campers, the productivity benefits of camp software are undeniable. Technology has become such an integral part of running a summer camp, from cell phones (yes,

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Autism Awareness and Your Summer Camp Featuring AutismUp

More than 3.5 million people in North America have Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), which is a condition classified by certain communication or social interaction difficulties. A child with ASD may be quieter than others or react negatively to loud noise. They may also prefer less bright environments, make repetitive movements or engage in strict routines. Autism is the fastest growing developmental disability diagnosed and can be detected as early as two years into a child’s life.

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